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When it comes to tours of Niagara Falls, Niagara Pedicab offers the best quality at an affordable price.  Experience Niagara the way it was intended with Niagara Pedicab.

Niagara Falls Tour
1-Hour Sightseeing Tour

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Niagara Falls Tour
2-Hour Historical Tour

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Niagara Falls Tour
3-Hour Experience Tour

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Niagara Pedicab is the brainchild of Gaelan, an experienced tour guide who is native to Niagara Falls. I would highly recommend him for a tour of the falls. He can show you places you wouldn't find otherwise and was very knowledgeable of the history of the area. Time and money well-spent. This is also a great way to experience the area for someone who is a little less mobile.

- Alex R.
Austin, Texas

Gaelan was a very relaxed and knowledgeable tour guide. He has lived in Niagara Falls his whole life and his love of the area shows. We took the 3-hour tour and it included a lot of stops to see the falls, beautiful rides through the park, special vantage points that aren't obvious and a VIP walkthrough to the Maid of the Mist tour (price included in his tour). Gaelan is just easy to be with and we never felt like we were on the clock. It was like getting a tour of the area from a local friend.

- Anonymous
Plymouth, Massachusetts

The Pedicab tour was recommended to us by our bed and breakfast hostess, Debbie, from Elizabeth House. Gaelan picked us up from the house and took us on a most interesting tour. We had already toured the "touristy" parts the day before, so he was able to add a few stops that explained a lot more about the history of the area, and some sights that we had not been aware of. Gaelan is a delightful young man with a keen interest in history. If you have an hour or two to spare, I would recommend trying this little gem.

- Meredith W.
Yandina, Australia